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South American trip map

South American trip table

Wed 16/04-2014 Day 657

Desperately trying to access my already typed updates on my cellphone gmail app
Pos: here
Loc: Sao Luis
Acc: Sandra´s apartment

OH PEST ON IT… I was typing with some effort every night my full updates into the gmail app on my cellphone, saving it nicely as drafts as I was not able to send them off on the way, but it turns out that I can´t get the app working online again. My IT-skilled Peter can´t help either…

Tue 15/04-2014 Day 656

I´m in Sao Luis!!! Some days of rest and recovery.
Pos: here
Loc: Sao Luis
Acc: Sandra´s apartment
Dist: 43,3 km
Start: 5:40 End: 16:45

An all calm night with full moon, the passing cow herds on my beach didn´t come up to my tent, neither did the one and only fisherman I spotted walking the beach, throwing a net here and there. If he is also responsible for those cows?

Mon 14/04-2014 Day 655


What the heck do the cows find down there on the sand?


Only one more day to Sao Luis! Some aircondition break for my skin, yeah!
Pos: here
Loc: Before Farol Pirajuba
Acc: tent
Dist: 33,1 km
Start:5 :40 End: 12:20

Sun 13/04-2014 Day 654


View from a high dune down on my small tent


Low surf on many shallows
Pos: here
Loc: Before Barra do Perical
Acc: tent
Dist: 31,2 km
Start: 5:55 End: 11:45

The launch was easier than the landing yesterday, as it was almost full high tide. The surf is wide, but really low and nothing serious. Fortunately the tide was retracting, as there were so many strange movements on the points and over the shallows, that I really thought I’d not like to be here on higher seas and running up tide. It was all rather funny, but somehow weird to paddle through uncontrolled waters, not knowing why and where it was running in which direction.

Sat 12/04-2014 Day 653


One of those dreaded Portugues Man at War war jellyfish dry on the beach. They popp nicely...


Back to the open sea!
Pos: here
Loc: Before Punta Faval
Acc: tent
Dist: 27,7 km
Start: 5:35 End: 11:15

I was hoping to have the hut for myself for the night, but my hope and silent peaceful rest came to an end around 6 pm with two boats and four young men obviously returning to “their” hut and kit. Well, I was calculating two guys according to the two backpacks, but four?

Fri 11/04-2014 Day 652


View from the stilt hut, shared with four guys


Camp with 4 guys on stilt hut
Pos: here
Loc: Mangrove Channel
Acc: tent on stilt hut
Dist: 45,6 km
Start: 5:00 End: 16:10

I decided to launch early in darkness at 5 am to avaois the treacherous mud beach covered only with a thin layer of good looking sand. Myriads of tiny bugs from the next door swamp, yuck! And it was stinking from there all night like rotten eggs…but my sandy spot was fine and dry, despite heavy rain at night.

Thu 10/04-2014 Day 651



Fortunately stuck nowhere on low tide
Pos: here
Loc: Rio Macuripana
Acc: tent
Dist: 48 km
Start: 7:10 End: 16:55

I was full of new energy after a whole day off, temperatures on the beach were acceptable. Some small skin healing progress, but not much. I had to drag my gear to the sea side of the sand spit, about 300 m. Unfortunately the promised help of the couple in the next beach hut didn’t came, maybe because it was still raining. But I can make it myself, the low wind with this light rain was no reason to stay another day!

Wed 09/04-2014 Day 650


What is leftover for a stray dog?


Good to have my very first full rest day after Belem. Strong wind and heavy rain ,ost day
Pos: here
Loc: Ilha do Atim
Acc: tent

The channel I came from was fully dry on low tide, always amazing, but also scary. I really don’t want to be stuck and sit there for hours to wait for the water to come back. Then I rather stop in time on a good place!

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